The CEEF Teacher Advisory Council initiates strategic relationships and creates professional development opportunities for teachers. TAC creates an integrated curriculum and provides teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to incorporate energy education into the K–12 curriculum. Energy is a small but growing part of K–12 education, and TAC ensures it remains at the academic forefront. Incorporating STEM activities into primary education provides opportunities for students of all ages to experience energy education. From elementary school to high school, the innovative curriculum challenges students to identify issues facing their communities and design cost-efficient solutions.

TAC assists CEEF in planning and evaluating academic programs, initiatives, and recommendations to implement in schools and classrooms. TAC also facilitates communication between CEEF and the educational community. TAC serves as a forum for direct communication and collaboration between educators, school districts and other community partners.

The Teacher Advisory Council assists other CEEF councils, staff and the board of directors to:

  • Provide leadership, training, STEM teaching tools, and partnerships that advance STEM and energy education at the K-12 level.
  • Integrate strong scholarship and content, inquiry-based pedagogy and theory as well as emerging technology.
  • Spark conversation between scholars and educators focused on incorporating STEM education into all learning environments.
  • Identify issues most important to educators and work collaboratively to develop creative, evidence-based solutions.
  • Optimize strategic connections, inside and outside of schools and classrooms, that catalyze new avenues for teacher preparation and professional development.
  • Plan and execute academic programs and initiatives that drive STEM education.