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Recent polls show that most parents of K–12 students believe that STEM education should be a priority in grade school, yet only 1 in 5 STEM college students feel that their K–12 education prepared them for their college courses in STEM.

By supporting hands-on programs that allow kids to explore STEM careers, we hope to energize students about STEM. Would you like to support us? Let us know if you’d like to be a Sponsor or Partner.


We work with public school districts and kids across the country. We’re always looking for ways to get our communities more involved. If you have a scholarship you’d like to offer for a CEEF program or even an independent event, let us know.

Internships & Service Hours

Do you still want to participate in our programs without directly participating? Are you a student looking for volunteer hours, or do you just like working with kids? Join us.

Volunteer & Professional Development

Do you love working with kids or in education? Become a volunteer!

Would you like to be one of our amazing volunteers who brings smiles to our community or lead a program and increase your professional development? Send us a note and help create unforgettable memories with us—your time and passion can make a world of difference!

Want a Program at Your School?

Our programs help create an interest in STEM for students who might be looking to connect with STEM subjects but haven’t been exposed to real-life, hands-on examples. Students can hopefully grow their capacity by introducing them to these programs and different opportunities.

That sounds fun, right? Contact us; we’d love to bring a Summer Camp to your school or find other ways to collaborate!